Free Cash for doing nothing
Get paid for doing whatever you are doing already.You have the following options to select from: is one of the first kind of its companies in India who pay you just for surfing. Get registered right away and start earning at the rate of Rs.5 / Hour.

This is another great deal. Sign up for a FREE e-mail and use your account 30 times a month. Last payout was Rs.150/- per quarter.In the sign up form, include my reference as "pkhariaiyer". is a foreign Company that is starting up operations in India. The idea and operations is the same as that of The payout is in US Dollars at the rate of $1 / Hour. Get Wired now !

 This is a variant of the Concept in that you earn more on the usage of mail account by your friends rather than by you. You get paid in Dollars. Sign up now……..

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